Curriculum vitae


School :

1972 to 1982
Polytechnische Oberschule, Halberstadt, graduation after class 10


1982 to 1984
Training as an electrician for maintenance and repair of electrical appliances, lighting systems and sockets, Halberstadt
Study :

1985 to 1987
Studied automation engineering at the military technical school, Bad Düben, graduating: Ing. for automation engineering
In-service training:

05/2002 to 11/2003
Extra-occupational training as MCSE, Ratingen

Work experience

07/1984 to 08/1985
Electrician for maintenance and repair at the Deutsche Reichsbahn, Halberstadt
08/1985 to 05/2002
Military service as temporary soldier
08/1987 to 04/1989
Army airfield, Cottbus
Maintenance of the electronics and electrical system of the helicopter MIL Mi-8
04/1989 to 02/1991
Army airfield, Cottbus
Repair group management with personnel responsibility
Maintenance and repair of aircraft batteries
Supervision of maintenance and repair work on aircraft supply technology
Care, maintenance and repair of the electronic chargers
02/1991 to 01/1998
Repair Battalion 410, Potsdam
Repair group management with personnel responsibility
– Testing, diagnosis and repair of electronic assemblies in the automated test field.
– Calibration of the automated test field.
– Care, maintenance and repair of the electronic test field

01/1998 until 05/2002

Test programme Centre of the Army, Eschweiler
– Quality assurance according to industrial application of V-Modell 97 in software maintenance and modification of test programs
– IT administration as a sideline
– Commissioning of new devices in a heterogeneous operating system environment

05/2002 – 01.06.2010

Company phi Medien Systeme GmbH, Jülich
IT service technician
Network Administrator
3rd level support for corporate customers

06/2010 – 29.02.2012
Job seeker

01.03.2012 – 31.08.2014
Operations Manager
Edit orders
create bills

01.09.2014 – 01.05.2016
Jobseeker (ill since 01.10. – pulmonary embolism)

01.05.2016 –

Pensioner due to disability