Recreational curriculum vitae

1978-1980 – Pioneer house „Soja Kosmodemjanskaja“ Halberstadt – school discounter, photo club, handicraft club (wood)

Febr. 1980 – House of the Youth „Phillip Müller“ Halberstadt (in the winter holidays – 09.02.1980 to 01.03.1980) – Training course for the pupil-SPU (record entertainer)

22.2.1980 Classification as student SPU – basic level (5 marks per course)

almost daily afternoon events in the Haus-der-Jugend Halberstadt

in the summer holidays of 1982 (03.07.1982 to 31.08.1982) Training and classification – basic level (5 marks per hour) for 2 years

almost daily events as SPU (DJ) in the HdJ Halberstadt, occasional performances outside the house

August 1984 – Course in Gröningen (district of Oschersleben) with grading – intermediate level (6.50 marks per hour) for 1 year (schedule 1.9.85)

August 1985 – due to being drafted into the NVA, the playing permit was suspended for the time of military service (officially until the end of 2000)

July 1987 – transfer to Cottbus after successful completion of studies, at the end of the year head of the organisation group of the youth club Ströbitz

1988 – DJ and club council leader youth club Ströbitz (Hallenser Str. in Cottbus)

After the fall of the Berlin Wall: As „Diskothek Die Zwei“ with Torsten Klaucke in the Cottbus area, very successful as DJ in the villages

1991 transfer as a Bundeswehr NCO to Basepohl (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) – DJ only on weekends as „Die Zwei

1994 Relocation to Potsdam-Eiche – DJ still on weekends in Cottbus, DJ also occasionally in Potsdam

1998 transfer to Eschweiler (Rhineland) – DJ at carnival and at festivities in the Donnerberg barracks (in the casino and also in the canteen)

2012 move to Cologne – still DJ at the carnival in Eschweiler, occasionally DJ in Cologne

2014 move to Halberstadt – regular DJ in the „spittoon“ from March 2015, occasional DJ in and around Halberstadt

Haus-der-Jugend-Party from 2009 (from the beginning) always as DJ
(except 2012 health-related)

Muhme-Party in 2016 and 2018 & 2019

Oktoberfest in Harsleben 2018